A short social horror visual novel (?) game/interactive experience featuring a popular social media app inside your smartphone and a conversation between two people out of it.

Made in 48 hours during SGDP Jam in Nov 2020. ~20 mins to complete

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorMarevo Collective
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Horror, Narrative, social, Text based


СhaIn 1.0.zip 51 MB


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i gotta admit it started to creep me out, but then i started to get it. It still doesnt make 100% sense to me but good game overall!

nothing just nothing horror.

I like the concept, well done.

i dont get it

i got kind of bored in the middle but it was worth it for the ending

so so so so deep It went so deep in my bum that is how deep it was

Deleted post
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i think its broken i cant like or dislike or do anything after the first introduction thingy

edit: the screen scrolled way too up so i cant do anything

Are you playing web or Windows version?


im playing on web version

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I tried both same problem it just stops :/ I'm dissliking everything pretty fast that can be the problem idk. But the feed ends and the game just stops after messages end.

and this is why i mute my game music-

Really enjoy this little game and the mounting tension throughout. I love the use of music to build things up and how the narrative progresses. Clearly my eyesight isn’t great (or I should have been playing on a larger screen), as I found it tricky reading what was on screen, but that certainly shouldn’t put anyone off from playing this. Greatly enjoyed it.